Texas Birds

Roseate Spoonbill (High Island)

The award for "best antics" goes to the Roseate spoonbill, especially during breeding season. Left to right: The comedian, discussing real estate, acting like astronomers (High Island)

Great egrets (High Island)

Snowy egret (High Island)

Tricolored herons (High Island)

Prothonotary warbler (High Island)

Green violet-ear (tropical species - occasional visitor to the Hill Country of Texas) Thank you, Mr. Adams!

Rufous hummingbird giving me the evil eye

Eastern kingbird (High Island)

Curve-billed thrasher

Common nighthawk (Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge)

Clapper rail (near High Island)

American Bittern (Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge)

One more Great egret (High Island)

John Kormendy: High Island Trip Birds 2017

John and Mary Kormendy: Birding Trip to High Island (April 2017)

We were there too early (April 8 - 10), so High Island was very quiet. As a result, we spent most of our time at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge, mostly looking for rails (we saw 3 King rails there) and along the Bolivar Peninsula and Flats.

The pictures are copyrighted and should not be used without permission.

Black-bellied whistling duck (Anahuac NWR)

Brown pelican on nest (between Boy Scout Woods and the ocean)

American bittern (Anahuac NWR)

Least bittern (Anahuac NWR)

King rail (Anahuac NWR)

Wilson's plover (Bolivar Flats)

Semipalmated plover (Bolivar Flats)

Piping plover (Bolivar Flats)

Black-necked stilt (Rollover Island on the Bolivar Peninsula)

Willet (Bolivar Peninsula)

Marbled godwit in winter plumage (Rollover Island on the Bolivar Peninsula)

Ruddy turnstone in pretty good breeding plumage (Rollover Island on the Bolivar Peninsula)

Laughing gull (Rollover Island on the Bolivar Peninsula) We spent a lot of time looking for Franklin's gull, and briefly thought we has a small chance with a few of the birds, but this one clearly had extensive black wing tips, and we never saw Franklin's gull in 3 days of searching.

Gull-billed terns - note the long wings and much shorter tail (Rollover Island on the Bolivar Peninsula)

Royal terns (Rollover Island on the Bolivar Peninsula)

Brewer's blackbird (Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR)

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