Birds of Brazil

These pictures were taken on a Sawtelle Nature Tours trip to the Pantanal, Serra das Araras, the cerrado forest of Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park, and the coastal rain forest of Itatiaia National Park. Note: The pictures are copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission.

Greater Rhea



Rufescent tiger-heron, Striated heron, Whistling heron, Capped heron, White-necked heron

White-necked heron

Boat-billed heron


Green ibis, Plumbeous ibis, Buff-necked ibis


Southern Screamer

Muscovy Duck

Lesser Yellow-Headed Vulture

Hawks, Caracaras, and Falcons

Great black-hawk (juvenile and adult), Black-collared hawk

Savannah hawk

Crane hawk, Laughing falcon (also in Honduras)

Crested caracara

Chachalacas and Guans

Chaco chachalaca, Dusky-legged guan, Chestnut-bellied guan, Blue-throated piping-guan

Bare-faced curassow (female)

Gray-Necked Wood-Rail

Sungrebe and Limpkin

Southern Lapwing

Wattled Jacana


Long-tailed ground-dove, Scaled dove

Parrots and Parakeets

Hyacinth macaw

Black-hooded parakeet, Monk parakeet, Peach-fronted parakeet, Yellow-chevroned parakeet

Guira Cuckoo


Least pygmy-owl, Ferruginous pygmy-owl (also in Honduras)

Nightjars, Nighthawks, and Potoos

Common pauraque, Little nightjar

Great potoo


Brazilian ruby (male and female), Black jacobin

White-throated hummingbird, Violet-capped wood-nymph, Glittering-throated emerald

Blue-Crowned Trogon


Ringed kingfisher (male and female), Amazon kingfisher, Green kingfisher, Pygmy kingfisher


White-eared puffbird, Striolated puffbird, Black-fronted nunbird


Saffron toucanet, Toco toucan

Woodpeckers and Woodcreepers

White woodpecker, Yellow-fronted woodpecker, Golden-green woodpecker, Pale-crested woodpecker, Campo flicker

Narrow-billed woodcreeper, Olivaceous woodcreeper, White-throated woodcreeper

Ovenbirds and Allies

Chotoy spinetail

Rufous hornero on nest

Rufous-Winged Antshrike

Tyrant flycatchers

Gray monjita, White-rumped monjita, Blue-billed black-tyrant

Black-backed water-tyrant, Cliff flycatcher, Fork-tailed flycatcher

Lesser kiskadee, Cattle tyrant

Helmeted Manakin


Black-capped donacobius, Southern house wren



Green-headed tanager, Blue-naped chlorophonia, Chestnut-bellied euphonia

Sayaca tanager, Silver-beaked tanager, Golden-chevroned tanager, Swallow tanager

Emberizine finches

Great pampa-finch, Wedge-tailed grass-finch

Saffron finch

Rufous-collared sparrow

Caciques and Orioles

Yellow-rumped cacique, Campo oriole

Our bird pictures from around the world follow standard ecozones approximately but not exactly:

Birds from the USA and Canada:   our house, Texas, California, Hawaii, Canada,

Neotropic birds from Central America and the Caribbean:   Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago

Neotropic birds from South America:   Ecuador, Brazil.

Western palearctic birds:   Europe: Germany, Finland, Norway, Europe: United Kingdom, Europe: Spain, the Canary Islands, Europe: Lesbos, Greece, Israel

Eastern palearctic birds:   China

Birds from Africa:   The Gambia, South Africa

Indo-Malayan birds from   India: North-west (Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand) India: North-east (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya)India: Central (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh)

Birds from   Australia, New Zealand.

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