Birds of Ecuador

These pictures were taken on a Sawtelle Nature Tours trip to Ecuador in January 2004. They are copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission.

Torrent duck

Roadside hawk (also in Honduras)

Andean lapwing


Speckled hummingbird

Booted racket-tail (female and male)

White-bellied woodstar (female)

Fawn-breasted brilliant (male and female)

Green-crowned brilliant

Empress brilliant

Rufous-tailed hummingbird

Andean emerald

Sword-billed hummingbird

Collared inca and Brown inca

Long-tailed sylph and Violet-tailed sylph

Chestnut-breasted coronet

Velvet-purple coronet

Mountain velvetbreast (female)

Tyrian metaltail

White-eared jacamar

White-chested puffbird

Black-banded woodcreeper

Andean tit-spinetail

Scale-backed antbird (female)

Streaked-backed canastero

Stout-billed cincloides

Tawny antpitta

Lesser kiskadee

Masked flowerpiercer

Orange-billed sparrow

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