Birds of Israel

These are a few of the birds that we saw during a 2012 May trip to Israel. This was more than a month after the peak of the Spring migration, but it was nevertheless a very successful trip. We saw many species that we have been looking for in Europe for many years. In fact, it was one of the easiest and most photography-friendly birding trips that we have ever been on. Still, all of the pictures were taken in a great hurry during a crowded itinerary, so many of them are not technically or aesthetically very good. They constitute our memories of a great trip. I have not had time to process all of the pictures; the rest will be added eventually. Many thanks to Prof. Ofer Bahat for facilitating the trip and to Jonathan Meyrav ( ) for organizing it.

For best viewing, widen your browser window until three pictures like the first small one fit side-by-side.

The pictures are copyrighted and should not be used without permission.

White pelican

Little bittern (Grumpy, grumpy)

Cattle egret

Squacco heron

Black-crowned night-heron

Gray heron

Glossy ibis

White stork

Greater flamingo

Marbled teal

Booted eagle (This dark-phase bird shown three times is our life bird.)

Common kestrel (Female)

Chukar at dawn

Sand partridge

Sand partridge (Female)

Water rail (This is our life bird.)

Black-winged stilt

Collared pratincole

Ringed plover

Kentish plover

Spur-winged plover

Spur-winged plover chick

Broad-billed sandpiper

Spotted redshank in full breeding plumage

Slender-billed gull

Whiskered tern

Crowned sand-grouse

Black-bellied sand-grouse

Namaqua dove

Turtle dove

Palm dove

Great spotted cuckoo (Juvenile)

Eaurasian eagle-owl in morning sunlight

Pharaoh's eagle-owl (Bad picture of a superb bird)

Lesser pied kingfisher

Smyrna kingfisher

European bee-eater

Little green bee-eater

Crested lark

Desert lark

Temminck's lark (John could not get close, but this is his life bird.)

Red-rumped swallow

Yellow wagtail

Yellow-vented bulbul

Rufous bushchat

(Left to right) Desert wheatear, Hooded wheatear, Mourning wheatear

Common reed-warbler

Great reed warbler (This is our life bird.)

Graceful prinia


Orphean warbler (This is our life bird.)

Arabian babbler

Red-backed shrike (Female)

Masked shrike (Female and male)

Woodchat shrike (Female and chicks)

Eurasian jay (Garrulus glandarius atricapillus)

Brown-necked raven

Fan-tailed raven

Tristram's grackle

Dead sea sparrow


Trumpeter finch (This picture is more interesting for the rock strata than for the bird.)

Corn bunting

Rock bunting

Black-headed bunting

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