Birds of The Gambia

These are a few of the birds that we saw during a trip to The Gambia in 2013. Visiting the country was relatively easy and safe, but the birding was difficult. We were there in the rainy season, and the heat and humidity were oppressive. A few scenery pictures are posted here.

All pictures are copyrighted and should not be used without permission.

White-backed night-heron

Cattle egret in breeding plumage

Black heron

Western reef-heron (dark phase)

Gray heron

Palm-nut vulture

Hooded vulture

Hooded vulture (juvenile bird)

African fish-eagle

Lizard buzzard

Red-necked falcon

Gray kestrel

Double-spurred francolin

Kaur Wetlands (Scroll right to see the whole panorama.)

Egyptian plover (Kaur Wetlands)

Senegal thick-knee

Black-headed lapwing (Not a good picture, but this is John's life bird.)

Whimbrel in the Atlantic Ocean

African mourning dove

Black-billed wood-dove


Senegal coucal (still wet after rain)

Verraux's eagle-owl (juvenile)

Grayish eagle-owl

Northern white-faced scops owl

African palm-swift

Green woodhoopoe

Blue-breasted kingfisher (juvenile)

Blue-breasted kingfisher (adult)

Pied kingfisher

Malachite kingfisher

African pygmy kingfisher (This is John's life bird.)

Broad-billed roller (This is our life bird.)

Blue-bellied roller

Blue-bellied roller (This is Mary's life bird.)

Purple roller

Abysinnian roller

Little bee-eater

Red-throated bee-eater

Senegal parrot

Senegal parrot at nest hole

Western gray plantain-eater

Guinea turaco

Yellow-fronted tinkerbird (This is our life bird.)

Bearded barbet (This is our life bird.)

Western red-billed hornbill (wet and preening after rainfall)

African gray hornbill

Fine-spotted woodpecker

Red-rumped swallow

Wire-tailed swallow

Common bulbul

Brown babbler

White-fronted black-chat (male)

White-crowned robin-chat (with juvenile bird in upper photo)

African thrush

Sedge warbler

Red-winged warbler

Tawny-flanked prinia

Senegal eremomela

Brown-throated (Scarlet-spectacled) wattle-eye (female and inset: young bird) (It's a very bad picture of a delightful bird.)

African paradise-flycatcher

Beautiful sunbird (female at Senegambia Hotel)

Beautiful sunbird (juvenile male at Senegambia Hotel)

Orange-breasted bush-shrike

Yellow-crowned gonolek

Yellow-billed shrike

Greater blue-eared starling

Long-tailed starling

Yellow-billed oxpecker

Northern gray-headed sparrow

Chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaver

White-billed buffalo-weaver

Nests of White-billed buffalo-weavers (large) and Village weavers (small)

Northern red bishop

Northern red bishop in full breeding plumage

Black-winged bishop in full breeding plumage

Village weaver (western race male)

Village weaver starting a nest

Village weaver (displaying male)

Village weaver nests

Contrast Yellow-backed weaver (left) and Village weaver (right)

Red-cheeked cordon-bleu

Red-billed firefinch

Pin-tailed whydah (We saw it in South Africa in winter, but it is much more spectacular with its breeding-plumage tail.)

Village indigobird

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