European Birds

Most of these pictures are from birding tours to northern Germany, to Finland, and to north-eastern Norway in about 2006. The guide was Jack Poll (, and he was excellent. The pictures are copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission.

Let's start with Atlantic puffins. Birds don't get more adorable than this:

These puffins were photographed on Hornoya Island, at 70 degrees 23 min North latitude off the north-easternmost point of Norway. The birds are unafraid of people; it is easy to look at them at eye level and from as close as 3 or 4 feet.

The Hornoya pictures were taken in mid-summer: we had 24-hour sunlight for about a week during the trip

Razorbill (Hornoya Island)

Black guillemot (Hornoya Island)

Common and Thick-Billed murres (Hornoya Island)

Common murres (including the bridled form) on Hornoya Island

Shag (Hornoya Island)

Northern gannet (Helgoland, Germany)

Rough-legged hawk

Great crested grebe (The Netherlands)

Red-necked grebe

Common eider (male)

Common eider (female)

Red-necked phalarope

Great black-backed gull (Hornoya Island)

Black-legged kittiwake (Hornoya Island)

Arctic tern

European oystercatcher

Eurasian curlew

Common redshank

Bar-tailed godwits

Northern lapwing or "Kiebitz"

Black grouse lek (It's a poor picture of a remarkable spectacle.)

Ring-necked pheasant

Great gray owl

Tengmalm's owl

Ural owl

Red-throated pipit

White-throated dipper (winter, at a mill pond near our house in Stockdorf)

Northern shrike


Great tit (at our house in Munich)

Blue tit (at our house in Munich)

Our bird pictures from around the world follow standard ecozones approximately but not exactly:

Birds from the USA and Canada:   our house, Texas, California, Hawaii, Canada,

Neotropic birds from Central America and the Caribbean:   Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago

Neotropic birds from South America:   Ecuador, Brazil.

Western palearctic birds:   Europe: Germany, Finland, Norway, Europe: United Kingdom, Europe: Spain, the Canary Islands, Europe: Lesbos, Greece, Israel

Eastern palearctic birds:   China

Birds from Africa:   The Gambia, South Africa

Indo-Malayan birds from   India: North-west (Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand) India: North-east (Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya)India: Central (Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh)

Birds from   Australia, New Zealand.

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