Birds of South Africa

These pictures were taken during two South Africa trips, (1) a June 2004 trip guided near Johannesburg by Etienne Marais and near Cape town by Richard Grant and (2) a June 2005 trip guided by Etienne Marais. Note: The pictures are copyrighted and should not be reproduced without permission.

Yearling ostrich

African penguin (at right: a chick)

Little grebe

Black-browed albatross during a pelagic trip about 28 miles south of the Cape of Good Hope.

Shy albatross

White-chinned petrel (left) and Pintado Petrel (right)

Subantarctic skua (left) and Sooty shearwater (right)

Cape gannet

White-breasted cormorant

White-breasted cormorant (left), African darter (center, right)

Great white pelican

Gray heron

Gray heron (left), Black-headed heron (center), African green-backed heron = Striated heron (right)

Yellow-billed stork (left), Saddle-billed stork (immature, right)

Greater flamingo

African spoonbill


African sacred ibis (left), Hadeda ibis (right)

Egyptian goose

White-faced duck (left), Hottentot teal (left center), African black duck (right center), Comb duck (right)

Cape shoveler (left), Yellow-billed duck (center and right)

White-backed vulture

African fish eagles building a nest


Brown snake-eagle (left) and Black-chested snake-eagle (right)

Martial eagle

African harrier-hawk (juvenile)

Bat hawk

Dickinson's kestrel (left) and Rock kestrel (right)

Cape francolin

Natal francolin (left), Crested francolin (center), Cape francolin (right)

Swainson's spurfowl

Helmeted guineafowl

African finfoot (female)

Red-knobbed coot (at right: a chick)

Lesser moorhen (juvenile), African jacana (juvenile)

African purple swamphen

Black crake

Blue crane

Kori bustard (male, left, and female, center and right)

Denham's bustard

Red-crested korhaan

Southern black korhan (male - left, female - center), Karoo korhan (right)

Black-winged stilt

Chestnut-banded plover (left), Three-banded plover (center), White-fronted plover (right)

Crowned lapwing (left), Blacksmith lapwing (right)


Greater painted-snipe (females)

Temminck's courser (left), Water thickknee (center left and center right), Spotted thickknee (right)

Cape gull

Double-banded sand-grouse (left: male, right: female)

Cape turtle-dove (left), Speckled pigeon (center), Laughing dove (right)

Gray go-away bird (Lourie)

Burchell's coucal

Pearl-spotted owl

Malachite kingfisher (left), Brown-hooded kingfisher (center) and Giant kingfisher (right)

Pied kingfisher

White-fronted bee-eater

Lilac-breasted roller

Southern ground-hornbill

Southern yellow-billed hornbill

Red-billed hornbill

Common scimitarbill

African hoopoe

Acacia pied barbet (left), Crested barbet in evening sunlight (right)

Cape long-billed lark (left), Agulhas long-billed lark (center left), Sabota lark (center right), Rufous-naped lark (right)

Spike-heeled lark (Thanks to Mr. Charlie Moores for the ID correction.)

Rock martin

Fork-tailed drongo

Cape crow

Arrow-marked babbler

Dark-capped bulbul

Groundscraper thrush (left), Olive thrush (right)

Cape rock-thrush (male)

Cape rockjumper (female and male)

Capped wheatear

White-browed robin-chat (left), African stonechat (male, center), Mocking cliff-chat (right)

Lesser swamp warbler

Gray-backed camaroptera

Yellow-breasted apalis (left), Rudd's apalis (right)

Neddicky (left), Gray-backed cisticola (right)

Levaillant's cisticola

Fiscal flycatcher

Marico flycatcher (left and center), Southern black flycatcher (right)

Chinspot batis (female)

African pied wagtail

Magpie shrike

Southern boubou

Brown-crowned tchagra


White-crested helmet-shrike


Cape glossy starling (left), Burchell's starling (center left), Pied starling (center right), Red-winged starling (female, right)

Red-billed oxpecker (left and center), Yellow-billed oxpecker (right)

Cape sugarbird (male)

Southern double-collared sunbird

Greater double-collard sunbird

Orange-breasted sunbird

White-bellied sunbird

Amethyst sunbird

Cape sparrow

Village weaver (left), Southern masked-weaver (non-breeding plumage, right)

Cape weaver

Shaft-tailed whydah

Cut-throat finch (left) and Jameson's firefinch (female, right)

Violet-cheeked waxbill (left), Blue waxbill (center), Black-faced waxbill (right)

Pink-throated twinspot (female and male)

Yellow canary

Cape canary (left), Protea seedeater (canary) (right)

Golden-breasted bunting (left), Cape bunting (right)

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