John, Mary, and Margarete Kormendy -- Trinidad & Tobago 2007/2008

These photos from our December 2007 / January 2008 birding trip to Trinidad and Tobago. All pictures are copyrighed and should not be used without permission. The first two images are from Mapquest and from the Asa Wright Nature Center's web pages; copyright belongs to the original sources.

Trinidad & Tobago map showing the lodges where we stayed and some of the birding sites where we went (e. g., Caroni Swamp, on the west coast of Trinidad).

Asa Wright Nature Center, surely one of the most gracious birding sites we have ever visited.

Channel-billed toucan from the veranda at Asa Wright Nature Center

OK, it's a bad picture, but at least it records the relevant information...

Oilbirds (hand-held 400 mm telephoto lens with illumination only from the guide's flashlight)

Trinidad piping-guan (critically endangered species)

White-necked jacobin

Tufted coquette (female)

Great kiskadee

Tropical mockingbird

Violaceous euphonia (male)


Palm tanager

White-lined tanager (male and female)

Silver-beaked tanager (male)

Crested oropendola

Ruddy ground-dove

Golden-green woodpecker

Green honeycreeper (male and female)

Purple honeycreeper (male and female)

Purple honeycreeper (juvenile male) "The embarrassment of adolescence!"

Green honeycreeper (juvenile male) "The embarrassment of adolescence!"

Bearded bellbird (male)

Yellow-chinned spinetail

Black-tailed tityra

Red-bellied macaw

Red-breasted blackbird

Mangroves at Caroni Swamp, Trinidad

Bicolored conebill in the mangroves at Caroni Swamp

Common Potoo, Caroni Swamp

Scarlet ibis, Caroni Swamp, Trinidad

White-tailed nightjar (Cuffie River Lodge, Tobago)

Blue-crowned motmot (Note the muddy bill: He has been digging a den.)

Rufous-tailed jacamar

Bare-eyed thrush (Cuffie River Lodge, Tobago)

Magnificant frigatebirds

Red-billed tropicbird (Little Tobago Island)

Roxborough, Tobago

Mary and Margarete Kormendy at our cottage at Blue Waters Inn, Tobago

Ruddy turnstones

John on the beach at Blue Waters Inn, Tobago

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